J’ai…Qui a

J’ai…Qui a is an interactive oral language and listening activity used to develop vocabulary in a whole class setting. Students read their card, stating what they have (j’ai) and asking who has what is next (qui a). For example “Je mange le biscuit, qui mange la soupe?” I love that this activity helps my students develop vocabulary in an exciting way, and I love that I can print these cards and use them right away!

Les endroits – j’ai qui a

Les prépositions – j’ai qui a

Les vêtements – j’ai qui a 

La famille  – j’ai qui a

J’aime les sports…

Les aliments – j’ai qui a

Les articles d’école – j’ai qui a

Les activités – j’ai qui a

Mots Fréquents Niveau 1 et 2 – j’ai qui a

Mots fréquents Niveau 3 et 4 – j’ai qui a

Mots fréquents Niveaux 5 et 6 – j’ai qui a

Mots fréquents Niveau 7 – j’ai qui a

Mots fréquents Niveau 8 – j’ai qui a

Mots fréquents Niveau 9 – j’ai qui a

Mots fréquents Niveau 10 – j’ai qui a

Mots fréquents Niveau 11 – j’ai qui a

Mots fréquents Niveau 12 et 13 – j’ai qui a

Les roues de mots fréquents

This resource can be used in class or for homework. The words have been chosen from the guided reading levelled books from various publishers. This is a great resource to practice high frequency words without all those little flashcards to manage. It is quick and easy, just cut both circles, place one on top of the other, and cut out the window. Put together with a butterfly fastener. We recommend you print on cardstock paper.


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