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Life Membership

The recipient of such an award should be or have been an excellent teacher, should possess qualities of leadership and have been in the profession as an elementary, secondary or post-secondary teacher or active administrator in the field of Modern Languages for at least twenty years. The recipient should normally have been an active member of the OMLTA/AOPLV working on its committees, participating in its programs, engaged in curriculum development and/or other fields of scholarship.

2024 Award Recipient: Nancy Rancourt


Helen B. St. John Award

The nominee must be a current member of OMLTA/AOPLV, and a full time teacher at the elementary, secondary or university level (ie., not an administrator or consultant, unless also a full time teacher.) The nomination must be signed by two members of the OMLTA/AOPLV and must be sponsored by evidence of outstanding professional contribution and leadership qualities. The evidence must be based on activities or accomplishments performed over a period of at least three years preceding the nomination. Evidence may be in the form of an anecdotal description of contributions to the profession demonstrating leadership qualities in a modern language program.

2024 Award Recipient: Gina Hook


Honourary Membership

Honourary membership may be awarded to recognize a person who, while not a member of the OMLTA/AOPLV, has rendered significant service to the spheres of interest of the Association.

2024 Award Recipient: Ian Pettigrew


The David Stern Scholarship

The David Stern Scholarship is designed to promote studies in modern language education. The Ontario Modern Language Teachers’ Association/Association ontarienne des professeurs de langues vivantes will provide an annual scholarship to an OMLTA/AOPLV member enrolled in graduate studies in Modern Languages at the Modern Language Centre (MLC) of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE). Applications are available by writing to OMLTA/AOPLV or MLC. The Selection Committee will be composed of two (2) members of the OMLTA/AOPLV Board of Directors, and the Director of the MLC or a designate.

2024 Award Recipient: Claire Gouveia


Robert McConnell Award

This award is designed to honour the enormous contribution that Robert McConnell has made to the development of French Second Language teaching resources in Ontario, Canada and internationally. The nominee should have a minimum of five years of teaching experience and have developed and (co-)authored FSL Language teaching resources and/or support materials, that have been meaningfully used by fellow language educators, students and/or organizations focused on the promotion of second language education. The nomination must be endorsed and signed by two OMLTA/AOPLV members and be supported by evidence that
the nominee’s (nominees’) published learning material is innovative in nature. Evidence may be in the form of an anecdotal description of contributions to the profession or accomplishments but can also include samples of created works. The recipient of this award will be invited to submit an original resource for publication on the OMLTA/AOPLV website.

2024 Award Recipient: Denis Cousineau



Helen G. Mitchell Award

This award is to honour one graduating student from each Faculty of Education in the Province of Ontario who best demonstrates the attributes of a potentially outstanding Classical/FSL/International language teacher. Nominations must be submitted by the language instructor at the Faculty of Education of the respective nominee. The candidate demonstrates excellence in the academic program and the practicum. The recipient applies effective second language methodologies which lead to success in the classroom.

2024 Award Recipients:

Alexis Kroll (Queen’s University)
Andreea Pristoleanu (University of Windsor)
Danika Lachance (Laurentian University)
Garance Daveau Lamiable (Université d’Ottawa)
Georgia Tocheri (Lakehead University)
Jessica Ehlers (OISE)
Maria Maletta (Brock University)
Megan McLeod (Queen’s University)
Micah Winter (Trent University)
Patrick Weller (Nipissing University)
Prateema Torul (Tyndale University)
Rosamaria Conenna (York University)

Shealyn Cameron (Wilfrid Laurier University) 

Honorary Members

Ian Pettigrew
Kara Bowles
Lesya Granger
Tanzila Mian
Ruth Renters
Jai Rao
Mary Cruden
Guy Leclair
Heather Depew
Salvatore Totino
Betty Gormley
Dr. Jennifer Adams
Don Snider
Catherine Smith
Lt. General Romeo Dallaire
Louise Pharand
Her Excellency the Rt. Hon. Michaëlle Jean
Mary Jean Gallagher
Roch Demers
Roch Carrier
Dr. Joan Netten
Roseann Runte
Brenda Renaud
Alice Weinrib
Lise Moore
Birgit Harley
François Paré
Veronica Lacey
Tony Silipo
Marjorie Bingham Wesche
Beth Mlacak
Merrill Swain
Diane Carlucci
Sandy McKay
Pat Webster
Wm. Russell McGillivray
P. K. Hambly
Hugh Faulkner
Jane Dobell
J. Biggar
Carmeta Abbot

Life Members

Nancy Rancourt
Christine Rees
Elizabeth Hoerath
Biagio Aulino
Maria Ferlisi
Karla Torrente Lepage
Linda Hendry
Mercedes Gagnon
Pete Cecile
Michael Salvatori
Susan Forrester
Maureen Smith
Rosa Cipparone
Lorraine Richard
Janice Miyata
Dr. Janet Flewelling
Peter David
Marthe Poirier
Evy Millan
David M. Hayne
Robert L. Abrey
Karen Prentice-Oxby
Teresa Stewart
Michael Milhausen
Suzanne Majhanovich
Gail Phillips
Georgette Bolger
Ron Henry
Roger Lalonde
Dianne G. Pennock
Paul Caron
Peter Spencer
Wendy Wright
Ian Daniel
Howard Hainsworth
Pierre Calvé
C. Edward Rathé
G. Robert McConnell
Renée Taillefer
Anthony Mollica
Rosanna Kelly
Dr. H. H. Stern
David Steinhauer
Roy Schatz
Dr. J. H. Parker
Helen G. Mitchell
Muriel McCuaig
Catherine Liddy
W. E. Kieser
Morgan Kenney
Russ Jones
Roy A. Jackman
David Elder
Ronald Cornfield
S. B. Chandler
J. Alvin Boyd

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