What does it cost to be a member

The OMLTA/AOPLV membership runs from the date of purchase until the same date the following year.

We are pleased to be offering two different methods of payment. You can purchase a one-year membership OR you can subscribe and have your membership automatically renew via PayPal each year.

To begin the registration process, please click the button or link for the appropriate membership level in the table below and proceed to Paypal payment.

For Student Teacher memberships, please click here to read more.



Dual Member
  • OMLTA Benefits
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Educational resources
  • Exclusive deals on various resources
  • Networking opportunities
  • Retired $65/year


Dual Member
  • OMLTA Benefits
  • Affinity program
  • Awards and grants
  • Professional development
  • Members-only content
  • Retired $40/year


Triple Member
  • OMLTA Benefits
  • ACPI Benefits
  • CASLT Benefits
  • Retired $70/year

Student-Teacher Membership

A complimentary membership is provided to Teacher Candidates/Student-Teachers of French and/or an International Language who are currently enrolled in a recognized teacher education program that will lead to Ontario teacher certification. Student-Teacher memberships are not available to post-graduate students (e.g., M.Ed. or PhD students).

Student-Teacher memberships exclude voting rights and the right to hold office on the board of directors.

Proof of enrolment in a teacher education program will be requested by the OMLTA Office. Student-Teachers/Teacher Candidates may hold this type of membership for a maximum of two academic years, while completing a teacher education program. Complimentary memberships may be rescinded at any time at the discretion of the OMLTA Office.

If you qualify and would like to apply for a Student-Teacher membership, please click here to begin the registration process. Our staff will activate your account when your enrollment in the faculty of education you select is confirmed.

Student teachers who are interested in memberships with ACPI and/or CASLT should contact these organizations directly.


One-Year Membership

Expires after 1 Year

Subscription Plan

Automatically Charged Annually *

OMLTA ($55.00)
OMLTA/ACPI ($100.00)
OMLTA/CASLT ($75.00)
OMLTA Retired ($20.00)
OMLTA/ACPI/CASLT Retired ($70.00)
OMLTA/ACPI Retired ($65.00)
OMLTA/CASLT Retired ($40.00)

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