Projet à Québec & Projet à Moncton


Thank you so much to everyone who applied to Projet à Québec & Projet à Moncton. All applicants will be notified of their acceptance or not by Friday, May 3, 2024. 

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Information Sessions

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the information sessions this year.  If you have any questions about either project, please reach out to us at You can also check out the FAQ sheet linked below.

Imporant Dates for Projet à Québec/Projet à Moncton 

Monday, March 18 – Applications Open!

Friday, April 19 – Applications Close at 6PM EST

Friday, May 3 – Applicants will be emailed about their application status

Friday, May 10 – Successful applicants must accept their spot & make their deposit

Monday, May 13 – Round 2 of acceptance sent out to waitlist (if needed)

Ongoing – Acceptance sent out as needed to fill remaining spots

July 5-14 – Projet à Québec 2024

August 9-18 – Projet à Moncton 2024

What is Projet à Québec/Projet à Moncton?

IIf you are looking for an opportunity to network with like-minded educators, you are in the right place! This experience will give educators the opportunity to communicate and interact in French.  Projet à Québec & Projet à Moncton is carefully planned to provide learning directly related to the FSL curriculum and the CEFR. The visits and tours are linked to the intercultural component of the FSL curriculum, and the classroom sessions are carefully planned to integrate culture, as well as oral language development, reading, use of technology, the listening strand, assessment, etc. In addition, educators will expand their own language proficiency and learn more about how to continue to improve upon their own learning. There is also a focus on justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. 


The Ontario Modern Languages Teachers’ Association (OMLTA) would like to thank the Ministry of Education for its financial support of Projet à Québec and Projet à Moncton.

Don’t take it from us…

See what participants from the 2023 Projet à Québec Trip had to say!

I participated in the Projet à Quebec 2023. My objectives were the following: to learn helpful teaching strategies from the various Professional Development workshops; to improve my French proficiency by immersing myself in the language; and to network with educators from across Ontario. Not only did I achieve my objectives, but I also had meaningful exposure to French and Quebecois culture, music, food, and traditions. My experiences from Projet à Quebec have helped me create authentic tasks for students to appreciate the interdependence between language and culture. Being fully immersed in a French-speaking community and experiencing la francophonie culture in Canada is a practical learning opportunity that can only be experienced in the heart of Canada’s French-speaking province. I embarked on this learning journey for my personal professional development. In turn, it will help refine my teaching practices and my students’ learning.

– Daniela Priore, Projet à Québec 2023 Participant

“Le Projet à Québec” has been an exciting and a very productive experience. I am thankful to OMLTA for providing a learning opportunity that is authentic and that allows meaningful social interactions. I am looking forward to use resources provided to help my students become more confident learners in French Language and to promote “La Francophonie”. “Vivre”

– Soovina Rampersad, Projet à Québec 2023 Participant

Projet à Québec was a wonderful experience. The classes were excellent. Lianne, Rhéal, and Dénis were excellent instructors, who managed to boost our confidence, as Francophile teachers, and also inspire us to incorporate the CEFR in our teaching. I was so impressed with the practicality of the lessons. They offered ideas that could be immediately used in our classes, and tons of resources that we could use as well. I loved that there was a focus on both oral language activities, and French culture. I left feeling much better equipped for my new class next year, and a wish that I could go back and ‘reteach’ my last class as well. The excursions were also EXCELLENT. I loved the play, the cooking class, our visits to St. Anne de Beaupré, the Ciderie, the Citadel, Orleans island, and all of the other visits to museums, etc. I loved that we did things that I would never have done on my own. For example, the cooking class and the play were a complete surprise, and they were both lovely. I have promised myself that I will apply to any future Projets, as I found this experience to be extremely gratifying, both professionally and personally. Thank you so much to everyone involved.

– Claudia Del Rosso, Projet à Québec 2023 Participant

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Projet à Québec!


Do you, or the teachers that you work with want to gain a better understanding of the intercultural component of the FSL curriculum, while participating in engaging, authentic professional learning and experience all that Québec City has to offer? Check out testimonials from this year’s participants, and learn how you too can join OMLTA in Québec City.

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