OMLTA 2023 Conference

This year, OMLTA is excited to announce an influx of over 10 000 new members thanks to a government grant awarded in summer 2023. We anticipate the 2024 conference being one of our biggest in the last 5 years and we invite you to be a part of this unforgettable experience!

We are thrilled to welcome Benjamin Tinsley of AfroFranco as our keynote speaker. A format that is new this year, we are welcoming LeFlo Franco (winner of Manie Musicale) who will be giving a ‘keynote concert’ and Beatrice Lafortune who will be performing her award winning poem, “Noir de peau”.

Registration for the OMLTA conference will open October 23!

If you are interested in presenting at the OMLTA Spring Conference / Congrès du printemps:

Exploring the Possibilities – Celebrating Plurilingualism Explorer les possibilités – célébrer le plurilinguisme April 5-6, 2024, please see the information below.

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